Skip to main content Review Review Review, One of the main challenges you face as an entrepreneur is a legal aspect of creating a business and running it the right way. That’s very demanding and tricky to do, especially if you are new to all of this. But there are many ways to achieve that, all you need is to make the right choice and adapt to the process in a professional manner. is a website that can help you form your business today and they can help you deal with the legal formalities faster and with more efficiency. Review

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What can you use for? is great specifically for business formation, tax compliance and filing. When you want to start a new business or file taxes, this really helps you a lot and you will enjoy the experience a lot. They do a very good job at customizing the services based on the state you are in. So you will always receive the best compliance and support. They are charging a one time fee for the services. It’s good because you can stay away from subscriptions or any constant charges that no one really wants to have. That’s a great approach and they do an amazing job with it here. The company has helped more than 250000 people until this point and it covers all the US.

Services you can use:

One of the most important services for is definitely business entity filings. Creating your business at first will be hard, but the company will prepare the documents and submit them to the state for you. They offer due diligence. runs a name availability check as well as a dedicated business license search. This way they will help you get the results you expect quickly and with amazing results all the time. can also be your registered agent, which means they can accept legal papers and official mail for you. They can also help you find a good tax professional that will help with small business taxes. That helps immensely and it will give tremendous results every time. Of course, the company also helps with any compliance problems too, which is exactly what you want to focus on in a situation like this.

In case you need to make company changes, then can help you make that change legally and without consequences. They will also assist with trademark registration, which is something that a lot of companies will do from time to time. They are great at helping you obtain a certificate a good standing from the state. Sometimes you need this type of certificate for investors or lenders that want to see your company is not in a lot of debt.


Since so many companies used already, it’s clear that this is a very professional and legit service. They are dependable and reliable, and the company itself is known for delivering some of the best services on the market. That really goes to show how good really is. They will help with all the company formation and tax-related stuff, but at the same time, you can also acquire certificates of good standing and other additional services from them which is very helpful and efficient. It works super nice and the results themselves will be among some of the best no matter the situation.


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Prices will differ based on what type of services you need. Business entity formation will be anywhere from $49 to $299 and the additional state filing fees. The business license search is $99, although the name search is free.

If you want them to be your registered agent it will be $119, although if you get the business entity formation service you will get this free for a year. Fictitious business name/DBA costs $99, File corporation annual report is $88 and the state filing fees, the EIN is $70, Certificate of good standing is $49 and the state fees, Trademark registration is $199 and the additional fees and so on.

In regards to taxes, the costs are a bit higher. Business tax returns are $599, Personal tax returns are $299 and even the business dissolution is $149 and the additional fees from the state. All in all, the costs are fair considering what other similar companies are charging. They provide a very good service and value, so in the end, you will get your money’s worth here without that much of a hassle. They are dependable and super professional, which is a major plus.

Do keep in mind that prices vary and in some regions, you will be paying a bit more, such as California. Even so, offers some of the lowest prices for tax filing or business formation. That helps a lot and it really makes all the difference you may expect. This is why does an amazing job and it will give you the unique return on investment you want.

Things to consider

However, when you work with you have to realize that they are not a law firm or a lawyer. So if you have legal complications they can’t help. They will just help with a few things and that’s it. You really have to take your time as you figure out everything and make the process as convenient as possible. It’s a resounding opportunity if you want to save money, but for any legal help, you need a lawyer.


Overall, is a great service. If you are focused on fast business formation at a great price, this helps a lot. They also throw in a free registered agent service for one year if you do so. The business updates are easy to manage thanks to them, they bring automatic lifetime notifications, company filings are stored digitally and the tax filing is professional from their side. Granted, you need a lawyer for the more complicated legal stuff, but in the end, their service is super dependable and well worth the money. Just make sure that you understand the additional fees from your state, as sometimes they add on top of prices!

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