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Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review

Let us see Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review. A good LLC formation service is very important to use and you really need to find the right service that helps you complete the process quickly and with great results. Northwest Registered Agent is a very popular option out there, but is it also the best one? Let’s find that out today by taking a quick peek at the pros and cons of this company.

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review

Northwest Registered Agent LLC Review

What can Northwest Registered Agent do for you?

Northwest Registered Agent is a company created in 1998 and its focus is to offer LLC formation and a variety of legal services. The company has core services like a registered agent, change of registered agent, annual report filing, mail forwarding, and scanning services, virtual office and office leasing, as well as wholesale and white label affiliate program non-US resident company formation, multi-state registration, BOC-3 blanket agent service, and business starting services.

All of these are created according to the customer requirements and they are obviously fully customized to suit your needs. Which is great, because you receive a lot of control over the process and the experience itself will shine quite a bit because of that. Quality is what really matters the most, so adapting and tackling all of that in a professional manner can really make all the difference.

Dedicated guides

One of the things we like about Northwest Registered Agent is that they are very informative and also super professional. They have a set of dedicated guides on their website where you can see what actions you need to take and what tools you need to complete this process properly and with the best possible outcome. It’s definitely not going to be an easy process to achieve, but the outcome itself makes this process well worth the effort no matter the situation. Having guides is not mandatory, but it shows how much Northwest Registered Agent cares about the industry and they are indeed committed to delivering the utmost success and quality which they need to be commended for.

When should you use the Northwest Registered Agent services?

The Northwest Registered Agent company has lots of legal and company formation services that are very professional. You get a full year of registered agent service, personalized premium customer support and so on. All the little things matter when it comes to working with such a business, and they are super dependable and professional, to begin with. It’s a very good idea to give them a try if possible, as the company is very helpful and easy to work with all the time.

Price points

Obviously, when you use an LLC formation service you want to look and the overall prices and what they are offering. Normally there are some packages and you can include additional services to that if you want to. It’s definitely a convenient thing to have and the payoff itself can be among some of the best every time because of it. Knowing how to manage every process is important and they are actually doing a tremendous job with all of it, which is very impressive.

The basic service is $79 and the state fee. You get the full year of registered agent, name availability search and preparation as well as LLC filing as well. The Deluxe option costs $179 and you get all that stuff plus an EIN number and operating agreement as well. In case you need same-day processing, you will have to pay $199. All prices don’t include the state fee if needed, which will be paid separately by you.

Northwest Registered Agent pros

There are many things that Northwest Registered Agent excels at. One of them is definitely very good customer support. Their high-quality service is downright amazing and they will work closely with you and keep you informed about everything all the time. If you have questions, then it makes sense to talk with them as they will provide all the guidance and support you want. Plus, they are very friendly and they will always assist you, which is super handy and convenient.

The price point is good. You will find cheaper options, however, you will also find more expensive ones such as Legal Zoom for example. You can choose whatever option suits your needs the most, and if you do it right it can be a very rewarding experience. That’s definitely worth the effort and you should totally give it a try and work with them due to that reason alone.

They are also one of the few services in this field that will give you a full year of registered agent service. Northwest Registered Agent is trustworthy too because they are not selling your information to other companies or anything. Your privacy and security is their concern, and they take all of this very seriously.

Northwest Registered Agent cons

There are some cheaper options when it comes to the overall price. Also, they rely solely on company formation, they don’t have too many services related to what you can do after the company is created. They have some like the registered agent, but it would be great to have more.


In the end, it’s important to give Northwest Registered Agent a try for yourself to see how they work and if they suit your needs. Every company in this industry is different, and it will offer you great results or not that impressive ones. Northwest Registered Agent does a very good job here and it clearly knows how to deliver the best quality and value for the money.

They are dependable, reliable and the added registered agent feature for free to any purchase does help a lot. It really helps when you want to create a business, and that’s why you want to give it a try and check it out right away. You will be more than happy with these results in the end, so test it out and you will not be disappointed with it in the end. That’s what you want to get, service as good as Northwest Registered Agent!

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