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Top 5 Business Books

Top 5 Business Books

If you want to grow and evolve in the business world, you really need to push the boundaries and commit to the process and learn these Top 5 Business Books. As always, there’s a lot to learn from books and it all comes down to picking the right books for this. Of course, every entrepreneur wants to learn something different from books. But usually it’s all the same thing, good books will provide you with a wealth of information and that will bring in front immense challenges. You need to take your time and adapt to this as much as possible. Which is why the right books can really make all the difference. Here you have a list with some amazing business books you can start reading today to improve your business.

Top 5 Business Books


At its core, RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI is an allegorical story. It talks about the two dads that the author had. And each one of them managed to help him shape some very specific financial views. The rich dad is the best friend of his father who was a wealthy entrepreneur. The poor one was the biological father, an educated college professor.

What we learn from this book is that mentality can really make the difference. The poor dad believed that in order to make money you should be employed and have a stable salary. His focus is on reading and learning from successful people. A lot of people believe that this is a mentality which can easily trap you in a job that you dislike but you are forced to do just because you need to pay the bills. You are not getting richer in any way. If anything it ends up stopping you in the path to success and the results might not be as good and as impressive as you imagine, so there’s something that has to give in a situation like this.

The rich dad mentality is different. The rich dad said Kiyosaki that he needs to learn skills and then use them in order to create not one, but multiple income streams. You can rarely become a millionaire with a single income stream. You need multiple income streams to do that. And RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI helps you do that. It shows you how you can do that and how you can try to reach that next level in a way that totally works for you.

Some of the main ideas we liked in this book are that you will need the experience to become financially literate. And they also show you that rich people buy assets, and not liabilities. It’s just a clever book with a strong message and it connects with you really well. It’s also nice that it goes on and it lets you know how to sell.

But the best part at least for me was that it shows who are your main barriers. According to this book, it’s fear and self-doubt. These things don’t seem like a lot at first, but they will stop you from risking and trying out new stuff. They are becoming a major problem to the point where you will have challenges moving onward. If you get past these issues the payoff can be amazing. But you have to know what you are getting into. And finally, RICH DAD POOR DAD BY ROBERT KIYOSAKI also teaches you about thinking in terms of opportunities. Finding new opportunities is important, and then you also need to do your educated judgment and guess to figure out what works for you.


This book was published in 2007 and it’s widely regarded as one of the best books for entrepreneurs. It might not tell exactly how you can create THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK but it shows that with the right approach and some nice ideas you can make things work in your own way without actively rushing or worrying about stuff. It’s a great and rewarding system that has the potential to shift things to the next level all the time.

The author felt overburned and he tried to find a way to free his life. So he went to Europe and various other locations trying to regain control over his ideas and just evolve as a person. It was during this trip when he managed to figure out what system he could use to work faster and smarter as well. He created a streamlined approach to just automate or outsource tasks and just go online for an hour per day to handle stuff and monitor things in a way that really works.

You will have some great options and ideas that will help you figure out how you can automate tasks but also how you can make your schedule less busy. Usually, if you feel overburned, something has to give. And in this case, reorganizing your schedule and rethinking the way you tackle various challenges is what really makes a difference most of the time.

In this case, the book is really good and it does bring in some rather cool ideas to the table. I like the great attention to detail and the fact that he gives you pointers on how you can optimize the schedule. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. He’s not spoon-feeding you all the details, but you have information that will make you a better professional. And that’s the type of thing that most of us want to see, to be honest.


Some might think that THE INNOVATOR’S DILEMMA BY CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN is an old book, it’s from 1997 and people can see it outdated. But the reality is that it focuses on a few ideas that are rather modern and easy to understand too. The focus here is figuring out how you continue innovating if the tech world is evolving all the time. That’s an issue companies have been dealing with for quite a while and it’s still a major problem. Which is why you need to try and adjust or adapt to the process and actively figure out what you can do to make things a lot better and more cohesive as you go along no matter the situation.

This book shows that even if you’re doing things right and listen to the market you can still fail. And that’s because you always need to innovate. If you fail to innovate and let others take your market share, you will have instant losses. This doesn’t feel like a lot at first, but it will become a problem as soon as you realize the tremendous challenges that can arise. Innovators always tend to push the boundaries. They commit to the process and they try to come up with new ideas.

If your business is at a sweet spot right now, the last thing you want is to keep the laurels on your head. Yes, it can be very tempting to do that, but if you end up doing that kind of stuff you are losing. That’s because the competition is watching and if you are falling into this trap you give them a new opportunity to rise. It’s definitely not something simple, but if you tackle it the right way you will appreciate the approach in a rather unique and powerful manner all the time.

Inside this book, you will even find that some strategies work really well if you know when and how to implement them. They actually work hard with the idea of harnessing disruptive technology in this one. But it also shows that disruptive technology can also be harmful at times too. It’s always nice and interesting to find all these great ideas and combine them in a cool way. It’s totally unique and different, and you will be quite impressed with the way the flow of the book will keep you reading. There’s a lot to learn about innovating. And what I like the most in this book is that it shows you what not to do. It’s easy to say what the path to success is, but you rarely know what stuff to avoid. That alone gives a lot of value to this book.


GOOD TO GREAT BY JIM COLLINS is a great book from 2001 in which the main focus is to show why some companies stand the test of time and they are always on top. At its core, it all comes down to discipline and hard work. It shows that as long as you work hard and you commit to the process you will be fine. You need a lot of discipline in the way you think as a business, the persons that you hire also need to be disciplined and even the actions that you take need to have a lot of discipline in them. It just gives you astounding opportunities and in that case, the payoff will be very intriguing and interesting.

This book also outlines what it takes to be a good leader for a fruitful business. Being able to keep your company on top for a very long time requires a ton of work. And you also need to adapt to the market too. But I also like the fact that GOOD TO GREAT BY JIM COLLINS also shows the importance of your hires. If you have the right people near you and they have that amazing business discipline you have, then it will be totally worth it. You have to realize that things are always changing and challenges do arise. However, if you work hard to represent your business it will work.

Inside this book, you also have some guidelines on how you can present your business and also keep it on top. You learn how to keep things fresh while also seeing and understanding the brutal facts all the time. It also comes with some pretty strange concepts like the hedgehog concept too. At the end of the day, this is a great and informative book. It has a very specific approach to how you learn from it, but it’s easy to get into and that’s what matters.


Yes, this 1969 book still has a whole lot to say about the business process and how people are tackling it. Sure, in some ways the business world has changed, but in others, it remains the same. And the main reason for that is convenience and focus. It shows that commitment is everything and the 12 business stories in here bring in a great light on problems that business pros are facing right now. Even if it might not feel like a lot at first, every business situation is different. It’s demanding, sometimes even problematic and you barely figure out what you can do and how you can manage the situation at hand.

I like that BUSINESS ADVENTURES BY JOHN BROOKS address things like the rise of Xerox, the Ford Motor Company disaster and many others from that era. It’s a great business book that shows you can learn a lot from a time when the tech wasn’t in control as it is right now. Basically, you can learn from business mistakes and challenges. That’s the road that every entrepreneur should take. And in this case, it totally delivers on its promise. The book is amazing, it’s super easy to read and you have some great learning points in it too.

The author delves deep into all of this and the challenges themselves are quite immersive and interesting at the same time. But the best part is the overall quality and approach. It totally delivers on the ideas you have and in the end, it’s a goldmine for what you can learn from various financial and business disasters.

These books are more than just a single thing you can read online. They are some of the high tier business books on the market. And there’s a reason for that. The content is spectacular, the value itself is very impressive and the quality brought with all of this is among some of the best that you can ever find. With these books, you get to create the best points as an entrepreneur and you learn what you can avoid, how you can innovate and grow a company without relying on others. It’s nice to see that there are still books which can help guide you in the right direction. You should consider reading them today!

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